Team Support Policy

Technical Support
We offer you more than one way to contact support. You can contact via
1 - Email: [email protected]
2 - Live Chat
3 - Tickets
We provide you with communication via mail to solve your problems if you have an account problem and do not know how to register with it or solve your hosting problems, but when you request information about yourself, whether in hosting or other data, we ask you to open a ticket
Live chat support is available to solve your minor issues or to pay a bill if it is a serious issue. Support guides you to open a ticket and your problems are solved

Technical Support Contact Policies

You should be respectful when contacting technical support
The technical support team is working to solve your problems, you have no right to go beyond your limits and offend the team
The technical support team has no right to offend you, no matter what transgressions happen
The technical team has the right to completely close your account and delete all your services without returning money or returning backup copies of your services.